Do you want to know why we want to have the Jeep wrangler Spoiler?

The Jeep car modification industry has come today, and many Jeep lovers are no longer satisfied with the cool appearance, but also have to plan for safety and practicality.


Today we will discuss about the Jeep wrangler JK rear wing. We often see on TV that there is a very nice wing behind the car-------that is the rear wing. There is a more professional name for the tail wing as a spoiler. It is not an accessory that exists for beauty, and the car can fly without it.


The biggest function of the Jeep Wrangler's rear spoiler is to increase stability. This stability effect is very important for large-displacement cars, and small-displacement family cars are not necessary. The power of the small displacement is limited, and the airflow generated is too small. If it is for aesthetics, there is nothing to say.

Large displacement is necessary. At high speeds, the airflow will be very large. In order to maintain dynamic balance, the rear wing must be adjusted well, otherwise it will be counterproductive. The tail wing will play a more obvious role only if the speed is above 100 kilometers per hour.


The rear wing of the Wrangler must be of high quality. Why?

Because the high-quality rear wing is far superior to other ordinary products in terms of firmness, and the surface gloss is also very good.

Jeep wrangler JK rear spoiler

Jeep wrangler JK JL Rear spoilerJeep wrangler JK JL Rear spoiler

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